If you have or are currently profiling waste in Pennsylvania, you know how tedious it can be to get your documents in order. In an interview with 1WasteProfile Project Manager, Cyndi Arnold, we discuss the importance of having an automated profiling platform for storing and approving waste streams. We cover Pennsylvania Form-U and Form 26R as examples to show how our waste profiling system reduces approval times.

What is Pennsylvania Form-U and PA 26R?

Form U is a request to process or dispose of residual waste and Form 26R is a form for the request of a chemical analysis of residual waste. The completion of these documents is required in the state of Pennsylvania for anyone disposing of waste.

Do other states require documentation?

Yes, different states have different form requirements. These forms can be difficult to find in general search methods. Our waste profiling system organizes all required documents in an easy to manage database. This ensures that the customer receives all necessary documentation in a single location for each state.

What is auto-fill technology and how does it work?

Auto-fill technology reduces the amount of information a user has to enter for each new form and makes the information available during the profile fill online process. Our profiling system will take the data you have already filled from your waste profile and apply it towards your form answers, where applicable. This helps minimize user error and speed up the process. Our secure platform ensures a user’s previously stored information will not be compromised.

Can customers submit these forms for approval online?

Through our platform users can fill out the entire form online, submit the form, and handle state approvals all in one place. E-signature can increases approval times up to 50% by removing the need to ship physical materials between each party. Even if the form isn’t set up for auto-fill technology we make sure that the form is attached to the appropriate waste stream profiles as a PDF. The customer won’t have to search for the form and it’s a good indicator that the form is required for that particular profile.

Are there any other benefits of online waste profiling?

Yes! Organizations and customers can save time, money, and resources operating under a fully automated platform. Save time completing all documentation online. Save money and resources by minimizing third party efforts and physical materials. The system is built with user friendliness in mind; users can easily navigate the pages to find what they need which saves time and frustration. Users can access their profiles from any device whether it is a smartphone, desktop, or tablet.