Waste profiling is a messy business, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be complicated. That’s why our users have the option of signing their profiles electronically. You know, so they can avoid the unpleasant business of printing, physically signing, and faxing hard copies. But what happens when the person signing the form isn’t the one using the software? 1WasteProfile developed Broker eSign for brokers who need clients to approve waste profiles prior to submission.

Are Brokers Doomed to Print, Sign, and Fax Profile Hard Copies?

Not with Broker eSign. This feature allows them to fully enjoy the benefits of our online waste profiling system.

Clients, even those who don’t have a waste profiling account, can sign electronically, just like dedicated users! They can view the profile from a laptop, tablet, smartphone … really any device that supports email! If the client doesn’t feel comfortable signing, they can return it to the broker with feedback.

This Feature Is Nice. Was It Necessary?

1WasteProfile isn’t in the business of creating custom functionality for fun. (Unless that’s what you want?) Sure, we have fun, but we prefer our functionality to have a business case behind it. Broker eSign was no exception; we gathered feedback from users to discover the use case, and transformed it into functionality that met the need. This feature allows brokers to:

  • Complete the entire waste profile process online
  • Request eSignatures from clients without accounts
  • Retire their poor, tired fax machine
  • Cut down on paper usage
  • Reduce approval times

How Broker eSign Works

Our systems engineers created a brilliant solution that addressed the online profiling needs of brokers. Before a user can submit a waste profile using our system, they’re asked who will be responsible for signing. They can select an option indicating a client will be signing electronically. From there, the client receives an email, granting them access to view the profile, sign and approve, or send it back with comments. The broker receives an email stating the profile was sent for approval or feedback to address before re-submitting.

Thanks in part to Broker eSign, 1WasteProfile has reduced profile approval times from days to hours, resulting in millions of cost savings. We also created a competitive advantage for our client. With this one feature, we’ve added value for the brokers that use our system. Are you curious about how our systems can improve the operational efficiency of your business?