Are you sending your customers too many communications? Too few? Are the communications you do send even relevant? Most businesses have a hard time answering these questions. Fortunately there are a number of ways to figure this out. Want to know one of the easiest? By building a customer preference center for your software application or website.

What is a Customer Preference Center?

Customer preference centers give customers a voice to tell you what messages they want and how often they want them. It can be a simple checkbox where users opt in for promotional content or a pick list where they identify their interests. For enterprise systems, it can be a page where users indicate whether they want transactional emails via text, email, or not at all.

Email is the de facto standard for business communications. Yet it is constantly abused. We’re bombarded with promotions, spam, and scams. Occasionally we find a few sprinkles of helpful or actionable information. Truth is, most emails can safely be ignored. But once you’re on the ignore list, it can be difficult to get off.
A customer preference center can help you avoid the ignore list. It is also a powerful tool in your marketing toolbox.

Key Benefits

  • Stay off the ignore list
  • Customers segment themselves based on their interests
  • Segments can be targeted with relevant, personalized marketing campaigns
  • Increase customer engagement, retention, and revenue

What You Can Learn

You can learn a lot about your customers from preference centers. For starters:

  • Promotions Learn whether or not they want special offers
  • Cadence Learn how often they want to hear from you
  • Interests Learn the industries and topics they want to know more about
  • Devices & Channels Learn how they want to hear from you

Proceed with Caution

It’s worth noting that customer preference centers don’t promise marketing success. Yes, it can help your marketing team learn more about your customers. But preference center designs tend to be alienating when this comes through as the primary objective.

Customer preference centers exist for your customers. It lets them tell you how they want to interact with your brand. Ignoring these preferences is a surefire way to irritate them. Respecting them can increase your customer lifetime value.

Have customer preference centers taught you anything about your prospects or customers?