Get ready to go behind the scenes of 1WasteProfile’s electronic approval systems for profiling special waste. I will be interviewing various experts at 1WasteProfile to share why certain features and innovations were made and the benefits they provide.

First, I sat down with 1WasteProfile Co-Founder, Ori Staub, to gain further insight on the electronic approval system.

Ori is also the director of technical capabilities and oversees the growth of 1WasteProfile’s systems. In 2001 Ori co founded booj a web development and technology company, but prior to that he was involved in several high-tech companies. Ori holds a Systems Engineering degree from the University of Manchester Institute for Science and Technology.

What is an electronic approval system?

Ori: It is a system that creates an integrated workflow for waste profile approval. By electronic approval system we mean a full process system to handle waste profile approvals from beginning to end. Electronic approval systems allow environmental protection engineers to review waste streams requested for disposal by the customer. The content determines whether they are safe and appropriate to dispose of within a given facility. Electronic approval systems are easily accessed online programs.

How can electronic approvals increase efficiency?

Ori: Electronic approvals contain all the needed information in a central place. This includes customer waste profiles; any attached analytical or material safety data sheets etc. By not having to rely on paperwork (email, print, and fax) we can expedite the approval process and make it more reliable and consistent.

Is it functional for all sizes of organizations?

Ori: Yes, all sizes of organizations can benefit from having systems that follows their specific approval process and help manage profiles or any other work to be done.

How can electronic approvals save money and resources?

Ori: Eliminating errors, manual data entry, paperwork conversion (printing, scanning etc) and reducing manual touch points.

In your opinion, what are the top three benefits?


#1 Safety (data entry errors and human error).

#2 Speed (no conversion process, direct interaction with customer).

#3 Cost savings (reducing manual touch points and system automation).

How can companies decrease approval time?

Ori: Companies can decrease approval time by being able to respond to a customer request for immediate disposal of contents. This includes making sure you have all needed information to render a waste approval (analytical, MSDS, complete paperwork etc).

Why is this a good thing?

Ori: Reducing approval time increases customer satisfaction by demonstrating expertise when it comes to complex material management.

How can 1WasteProfile decrease approval time for its customers?

Ori: When utilizing an integrated approach to managing the full lifecycle of a waste profile we can generate quicker approval times, reduce factors of error, and environmental impact. Providing the customer with a self-service experience puts him or her in charge of the process. This enhances a company’s internal operations by having a solid replicable process for future works.

Now that you have had had an opportunity to go behind the scenes with 1WasteProfile expert Ori Staub on electronic approval systems, let us know if you have any questions or leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you.