Easier Waste Profile Management Software for Transfer Stations and Their Customers

Make it faster and simpler for waste generators to work with you, and for you to work with waste generators.

1WasteProfile is the premier profile management software for transfer stations and the waste generators they serve. It’s packed with features designed to increase the volume coming through your facility by making it easier for your customers to achieve compliance and get approvals.


of users believe the 1WasteProfile process saves them time.

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8.8 out of 10 customers would recommend 1WasteProfile to others because of the speed at which waste profiles are approved.

It’s Fast & Efficient

Because our Adaptive Profile Process asks industry and material-specific questions and automatically displays the next appropriate question based on your previous answers, approval times and human error are both minimized.

It’s Professional

Profile information is typed rather than hand-written, which ensures forms are always legible and easy to share with others.

It’s Electronic

Create e-signatures on the fly! All of your information is stored within your account and used to auto-fill and streamline the documentation process.

It’s Green

Going electronic minimizes paperwork, ink, postage, and faxes. Your profiles are always accessible in an online account.

It’s Easy

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Meet Our Waste Profile Management Software

Get to know a few of the features that make our software the premier waste profiling solution for landfill operations big and small.

Quick Profiling
Through our Quick Profile system, waste generators save valuable time by filling out templated profiles for their most common waste streams. Optimized data entry allows your customer to avoid confusion between hazardous and non-hazardous forms, reduce errors, and minimize time spent gaining approvals.

Adaptive Profiling
Some waste generators have complex streams that require a variety of different regulatory questions. Our Adaptive Profile Process is designed to help those customers by displaying the next proper question based on their previous answer. This accelerates approval times by not having to go back to the waste generator for corrections that cost time and money.

When you create an account, you can save personal and company info (name, email, company name, address, phone number) and use it for lightning quick, auto-fill e-signature of any profile.

1WasteProfile gives your transfer station the power to help customers complete and submit profiles on the go. Our waste profiling system and its many features work on any device (smartphone, laptop, desktop, or tablet), which gives your customers the freedom to submit their profiles from the field.

Secure 24/7 Online Internal Reporting
The 1WasteProfile Control Panel includes pre-configured reports that provide a high level overview of transfer station staff performance and customer analytics (including approval and profile turn-around times). All reports are viewable as a table, graph, or as an exportable Excel file for easy manipulation and additional calculations.

Dashboards for Approval Managers and Service Center Managers show real-time statistics and metrics on the current operations of their roles as well as how many profiles have been approved per month, approval times, etc.

Designed with Your Customers in Mind

Our software will help you better serve the customers that matter most to a transfer station. Read our Industries page for more information on why waste generators in industries like automotive, oil and gas, chemical, healthcare, and manufacturing love using 1WasteProfile.

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