Online contracting is exactly what it sounds like. It gives businesses the ability to electronically create, share, and sign contracts with customers. It is a low-pressure alternative to the typical process that takes place between a sales consultant and a customer.

Why Care?

Online contracting provides a number of benefits:

  • Electronic contract submissions can speed up the sales process
  • Electronic contract storage provides reliable access to historical documentation
  • Electronic contracts reduce costs by eliminating the need to fax, scan, copy, and file paperwork

Driving Internal Efficiencies

There are a number of ways to make the online contracting process smooth and efficient for your internal team. For example, timelines allow your employees to track contract steps from draft to review to submittal for signature and more. You can use this information to find out your average turnaround time on different types of contracts, and where issues commonly arise. Time stamps allow you to determine which contracts are stuck in limbo so you can follow up with the customer for timely resolution.

Customers Love Online Contracting

In some industries, sales consultants work directly with customers to complete contracts. This often time consuming process can be a source of customer dissatisfaction. We find many customers prefer the ease and customizability of online contracting.

One of the ways we provide users a custom online contracting experience is by creating a customer preferences center. Customers can indicate how and when they receive contract notifications. These notifications can be sent via email or text message. They allow customers to view contract progress without having to login to their account.

Final Thoughts

Online contracting can help you and your customers because it speeds up the contract process. It can streamline operations and make it easier for prospects to become customers. If you’ve ever wondered what an online contracting process might look like for your business, contact us.

1WasteProfile has successfully digitized the often-complicated contract process between a generator and disposal facility that keeps them both compliant with local, state, and federal regulatory standards. We’ve built and improved upon online contracting systems for over 10 years.