I recently sat down with 1WasteProfile’s Cyndi Arnold to learn the benefits of how 1WasteProfile uses timestamping. Cyndi is a project manager and was on the team that implemented this feature for Wheelabrator Technologies, Inc and WMSolutions.com. When profiling waste it is important for all parties involved to have a historical record of when and where user activity occurred. This useful tracking tool, timestamping, allows organizations and customers to manage and view workflows by logging user activity in a step-by-step process.

Can you describe timestamping?

Cyndi: The act of tracking when specific actions i.e. approvals, returns, attachment additions, comments, and edits were taken and by whom.

Where does 1WasteProfile use timestamping?

Cyndi: Almost everywhere, nearly every action a user can make we store a timestamp to those specific actions. It tells individuals where progress was made and why it needed to be approved. Why do this? To help keep track of an application’s life cycle.

What are the benefits of timestamping?

Cyndi: There are three main benefits:
Archiving a historical record of the applications life cycle. Timestamping helps users understand each compounding step of the process. The feature provides transparency amongst all users.

Can timestamping streamline data management?

Cyndi: Yes, If you know when an action was taken it can add context to the next step in the management process. It will allow all users to see that the action is complete and to focus on the task ahead.

Can timestamping be used as legal representation?

Cyndi: Yes, timestamping keeps an activity trail during the application lifecycle, it also gives a reference point to all activity, why the action was taken, and the result after. This means if a legal situation does arise, we are able to provide exactly who took the action and when they took the action.

What is activity logging and how does it relate to timestamping?

Cyndi: Activity logging is the recognition of a user’s activity that is then approved with a timestamp. The activity must be recognized and logged for a timestamp to be attached. Tracking user activity is key in having an efficient approval process.