This is the second interview conducted with 1WasteProfile experts in our informational interview series. Previously we had discussed the benefits of electronic approval systems with 1WasteProfile’s director of technical capabilities, Ori Staub. In this interview with 1WasteProfile Project Manager, Cyndi Arnold, I learned about approval workflows and their internal dynamics. Approval workflows create an ordered process that transition each waste profile through the necessary checkpoints to ultimately be approved for shipping. Cyndi has implemented approval workflows with organizations such as Wheelebrator Technologies, Inc. and Waste Management. 1WasteProfile uses approval workflows to increase efficiency, safety, and transparency throughout the waste profiling process.

What is a waste profile approval workflow?

Cyndi: An approval workflow is the process that involves in taking the profile from A to Z. What it takes to get a profile approved and every step involved in the process. This starts as early as the customer selecting a profile to submit and starting the profile process all the way to the customer receiving approval to ship their material.

Can you describe some of the main functions/benefits of approval workflow?

Cyndi: The main functions and benefits of approval workflow would be to see where your staff is lacking in performance and on the flip side, where they excel. Where does a profile get hung up or where are the mis-steps in the process and how can we make them better or more efficient.

Can you give an example of how approval workflow increases efficiency in common practice?

Cyndi: This is a huge benefit to the client. Approval workflow will increase efficiency because you can see the ebbs and flows of the process and locate where your process needs improvement. For example; approval point C to D is at an average of 48 hours per profile and we really should have this cut in half to be 24 hours. How do we do this? This allows our customers to target the specific area of where their team needs to create improvements.

Can you monitor and adjust the workflow?

Cyndi: The customer can monitor and adjust workflows utilizing various tools such as a profile timeline and reports. Reporting features allow our customers to find out on average how long a profile lives in a certain status and then they are able to evaluate why the number is so high or low and what they can do to improve. Our reporting is limitless when it comes to tracking workflow and we can provide our customers with any numbers or variance that they need.

Can organizations customize their workflows?

Cyndi: We can tailor an approval workflow to anyone’s needs. We do this by client, by area, or even by your customer type. Your customers in the North may take more time than your customers in the West due to state regulatory requirements. We take all this into account. We can even split up approvals in such granular detail depending on the client and their needs.